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“The Tech Team staff is the most down to earth IT group that I have ever worked with. They understand our needs and are available to solve our issues 24/7. They work well with all of our employees from the PLC group to the employees that are not very computer savvy. They are proactive which helps to keep us running smoothly without interruptions.”        - Tim Stocker, Director of Operations 

Lanco-Pennland Quality Milk Producers

“We have multiple locations and deal with international hotel chains that are constantly pushing the boundaries on Information Technology.  Because of this, we reached out to Tech Team Solutions to help us with our constant changing IT needs. They have been fantastic to work with no matter the size of the projects we throw at them. We get both knowledgeable professionals that are always looking out for what is in our best interest, as well as, very friendly customer service. We highly recommend them on any future related IT projects.”     Tim Keller

D.M Bowman Inc

“Paul and Dave have made life so much easier for us! Information Technology is the backbone for out multi-location group practice so smooth operations, security and friendly support are very important to us. Tech Team Solutions offer us those things at the highest level. They are professionals who are passionate about what they do, and we highly recommend them for any IT related projects.”     Taimour Raja DDS, CEO

iSmile Dental Care

In a time when it felt like all was lost, Tech Team Solutions arrived to save the day for us.  I cannot say enough great things about this team of IT professionals.  Not only are they responsive to our needs, they genuinely care about the people they serve.  They always go above and beyond our expectations, coming up with solutions when it often seems there are none.  Education is different from private industry, with unique regulations and established guidelines to protect K-12 students, that must be followed according to federal and state mandates.  Tech Team Solutions was able to achieve all of this while working with our staff to provide and ensure a seamless transition for our school, students, faculty and staff, never missing a beat.  There is no problem they cannot solve! 

Meredith Hendershot-Principal

Southern Fulton School District

“Over the past year, we have worked with Tech Team Solutions for all of our IT needs. They suggested and installed programs that allow our data to be accessed securely from the office or home. I find their consultants to be very personable and professional, as well as, teaching us the technology that they implement for a smooth transition. They offer fast response times to any calls or questions we may have. There is value in knowing that Tech Team Solutions is there for out IT business needs, and to help our company grow. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any other business or consumer for technological related needs.”      Sincerely, Mark McNeil

Classic Cabinets Kitchen and Bath

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